What You Should Know About HTML Meta Tags

HTML <meta> tags are very important but many web designers have failed to make use of its robust functionalists, most web developers only make use of it for page description, author, or to list keywords.

HTML <meta> tag can be use to store data on a web page for browsers and search engines, <meta> tags are not displayed on the page.

The following important ways you can make use of HTML meta tags on your webpage.

1. For Redirecting a Page

Page redirect can be done client-side with plain HTML without JavaScript, the code below will redirect you to the page http://awilabs.com. Note the the content=”0″ means the page will redirect after 0 seconds of loading, so if for example you want a particular page to redirect to another page after 10 seconds then you will have content=”10″.

Also note that the below code MUST be inbetween the head tags <head>…..</head>

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